ARTSAC Scholarship for Afghan artists

The organisation ARTSAC (Art Supplies for Afghan Chldren) from New York City is giving out four scholarships, each in the amount of 1,000 USD, to be awarded to qualified applicants to use toward the continued studies in their field of visual arts. This may include drawing, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, woodwork, and mixed media.
Artists or current art students 18-years of age or older, working or studying in the field of visual arts are eligible.
Application deadline: August 20, 2014

You can download the application form in English or Pashto from our server:

ATTENTION: The Pashto version says, that it is for Kandahar artists only, but they changed that. It is for artists everywhere in Afghanistan.

The Power of Photography: National Geographic 125 Years – 26. October 2013 – 27. April 2014

The famous photography by Steve McCurry – The Afghan Girl – that was the cover title of the most successful issue of the National Geographic Magazine in 1985, is the center piece of the exhibition, that celebrates the most powerful photographs in the history of 125 years National Geographic.

After the artists of Kabul Art Project sent their renditions of Sharbat Gula’s image to the Steve McCurry Studios in Philadelphia, US, four of their artworks were selected by the curator of the Annenberg Space for Photography museum to be exhibited along with the famous photography!

Congratulations to Rashed Rahmani, Mumtaz Khan Chopan, Hamdullah Arbab and Meena Saifi!

Please visit the website of the Annenberg Space for Photography for details.


Rashed Rahmani, The Afghan-Girl

Mumtaz Khan Chopan, The Afghan-Girl

Hamdullah Arbab, The Afghan-Girl

Meena Saifi, The Afghan Girl

The World Bank Afghanistan selected seven artists from Kabul Art Project to exhibit their works in Kabul.
We are very happy that the exhibition was so successful!
Our artists sold more than 20 paintings, that go to the art collection of The World Bank.
Big thanks to The World Bank Afghanistan –

Kick Off meeting – Kabul Art Project starts!

We welcome 15 talented artists at the Kabul Art Project!

Get an impression of our first meeting with our artists.

besyar tashakor!

besyar tashakor!
Many thanks to all artists for their applications!
Tonight we are going to look at many expressive, deep and beautiful pieces of young Afghan art and select the participants for “Kabul Art Project 2013″.

Welcome to Kabul Art Project

Welcome to Kabul Art Project!
Until 11. January 2013 we are accepting applications.
After that this site will be updated with great art works, photos and more info and news.