The Power of Photography: National Geographic 125 Years – 26. October 2013 – 27. April 2014

The famous photography by Steve McCurry – The Afghan Girl – that was the cover title of the most successful issue of the National Geographic Magazine in 1985, is the center piece of the exhibition, that celebrates the most powerful photographs in the history of 125 years National Geographic.

After the artists of Kabul Art Project sent their renditions of Sharbat Gula’s image to the Steve McCurry Studios in Philadelphia, US, four of their artworks were selected by the curator of the Annenberg Space for Photography museum to be exhibited along with the famous photography!

Congratulations to Rashed Rahmani, Mumtaz Khan Chopan, Hamdullah Arbab and Meena Saifi!

Please visit the website of the Annenberg Space for Photography for details.


Rashed Rahmani, The Afghan-Girl

Mumtaz Khan Chopan, The Afghan-Girl

Hamdullah Arbab, The Afghan-Girl

Meena Saifi, The Afghan Girl